A few months ago we were invited to join the Nottingham Canal Festival on the far side of the canal from the Canal House on Saturday 10th October by the organisers CRT. And of course we were there on a really beautiful Autumn day and thoroughly enjoyed it. We were joined by the Erewash, and local IWA and of course CRT and a couple of trip boats offering free trips all day. However somehow we managed to get an excellent pitch and our boat attracted most interest even though it wasn’t afloat. We had real interest in our information boards and of course the plans for the Derby Arm. Perhaps it was the proximity of canal, but somehow everyone we talked to seemed to have a knowledge and interest in the waterways. As a result we signed up 6 new members all of whom expressed an interest in our working parties and one is a tree surgeon – just at the right time. We are currently getting a lot of help with another professional – a soil analysis expert – we met at Breaston, so it certainly pays to spread the word.

Our stall had a good trade as well, with Christmas cards and colouring books proving most popular. And thanks to the generous lady who won on “Play your Cards Right” three times in succession and then donated back her winnings. We should have asked her to buy a lottery ticket with the winnings – she would have been certain to win with that lucky streak.

Thanks to everyone who supported us at this event – photos below shows the great venue!

Nottingham Canal Festival 2015