Derwent Wharf & Lock

Derwent Wharf and Lock would be located in central Derby opening up the existing riverside into a beautifully landscaped place to relax and socialise. There are two key elements to this development: the first of which is a river lock and the second a wharf which would be home to around ten boats and local hospitality businesses.

The river lock would replace a section of the weir on the East bank of the river Derwent near to Meadow Road. The lock would allow boat traffic to travel upstream of the existing weir and access Derwent Wharf. The lock itself may include some interesting features such as under water viewing panels and interactive STEM education displays.

Derwent Wharf would incorporate berths for approximately ten boats on a floating pontoon system to accommodate the rise and fall of the river. At least one of the boats berthed in the wharf would be a restaurant boat which would bring waterside dining into Derby City Centre for the first time. The restaurant boat could serve as a static dining space or, by utilising the new lock, could travel a stretch of river from Pride Park up to the Museum of Making.

The area surrounding the Wharf would include other visitor attractions. The two popular, existing historic pubs: The Tap and the Exeter Arms, would effectively become waterside pubs; reset within a restored natural landscape. The new landscaping would allow both establishments to offer extended al fresco dining adjacent to a new riverside plaza.

The riverside plaza would be home to a number of street food kiosks creating a vibrancy throughout the week and extending into the evenings. A new clock tower would be introduced in recognition of Derby’s under advertised clock making heritage.

Further upstream a new urban park would be introduced with striking floral displays and water features. The park would continue the interactive STEM educational displays and form a trail from the new lock all the way to the Museum of Making via Millennium Swing Bridge. The STEM displays would be designed around a theme of sustainable energy generation with visitors able to experience the concepts around hydro-electric power and solar energy generation.