Our next meeting will be on the evening of September 26th from 7.30pm at the Cottages upstairs room. We will be entertained by Geoff Pursglove talking about progress on the Ashby Canal and Moira Furnace. It promises to be an interesting evening so I hope you can come.

Presenting to the Freemen of Derby AGM

David and Pauline Jennings and Chairman Chris were asked to present to the Freemen of Derby at the Council Chamber earlier this month. It was a mix of restoration news and the history of Derby. We presented lots of old photos of Derby, which were well received by the audience. This is a sample photo taken before the demolition of the power station that used to dwarf the Silk Mill and which also shows the canal line approaching the Silk Mill wharf pre Causey Bridge days. You can see the canal going through Phoenix Green in the middle right of the picture. There’s even a boat in the canal. You can also see the small weir designed to provide sufficient water for boats to traverse the river.