Development Overview

The following map shows the locations of the different riverside developments across Derby:

Feasibility Work

Derwent Depth Survey – An initial depth survey has been undertaken between the Silk Mill and Pride Park on the Trust’s behalf by volunteers from Midland Canoe Club with Trust volunteers undertaking the recordings. The Midland Canoe Club volunteers strapped four two person canoes side by side to represent the width of a typical river vessel and paddled down river to measure the depth at various points.

From initial analysis of the recordings navigation will be achievable with minor works being undertaken to remove silt from a small number of locations along the route, typically on the approaches to bridges. A snap shot of the recordings is depicted below. Further analysis will be undertaken to extrapolate the recordings against river level recordings from the gauging station upstream of the survey site over the last five years. The Trust wishes to express its thanks to the Midland Canoe Club for their support with this endeavour.