Walk the canal route at Spondon Virtually

Andy Savage at www.derbyphotos.co.uk is a supporter of the DSCT and produced a virtual walk in April 2021 of the canal route from Station Road, Spondon to Rovings Drive here.

The Route

The Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust has already enjoyed working in partnership with the very active community in Spondon. Many local residents already recognise the benefit that canal restoration would bring to their part of Derby and are already working with us to prepare the way.

When following the canal line in to the city from Borrowash there are several points around Spondon where the route has become overgrown or is interrupted by impassable scrub land. The restoration would re-introduce a high-quality waterside path connecting East Derbyshire with Derby so that it could once again be used by cyclists and walkers. The path would run parallel to what would become some very idyllic sections of canal. This route really would be a “green corridor” running into the city, enhancing the environment and re-introducing wildlife habitats.

It is clear from looking at other recent canal restorations in the UK that the houses close to the canal line in this area would become highly sort after due to their proximity to the water and so could expect to see an increase in the value of their property of around 20%.

This part of the city has been earmarked by the city council for further residential expansion. A Canal restoration such as this would mean that any future developments would be well balanced with a waterway, accentuating the area’s character and distinctiveness.

One particular feature along this section is the original winding hole at Spondon which has already been partially restored by the Trust. Once fully restored waterfront businesses like the “Canal Turn” pub which recently renamed itself in anticipation of the canal being restored would expect a step increase in the number of customers visiting their premises. In Spondon there are plenty of further opportunities for entrepreneurs to make the most of waterside development opportunities.


A new housing development in Spondon (being built by Wheeldon Brothers Limited) has recently broken ground, just next to the Clock Garages. In partnership with the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust (D&SCT), we will be building 300 metres of Canal to act as drainage for the new estate.

As of Friday 15th February 2019, D&SCT has been granted ownership of the canal line, and in support of the development we have begun to manage the portion of the canal line. Straight away, we’ve started work – clearing litter, overgrown patches of ground and removing some trees off of the canal line which will be dug out by the development.

The Developers have now moved in with Diggers to clear and dig out the canal line. Work has started on the first 60m, with the rest of the planned 300m due to be dig out in 2020.

Once the canal line is rebuilt we will be returning the area to nature in a controlled manner, planting new trees and creating replacement habitats. In the mean time, we’re doing our best to create alternative wildlife accommodation – including a number of Bug Hotels

Interested in helping out?

Please feel free to come along to one of our Working Parties in the area, see the Calendar for the latest dates and further details.