Riverboat trips for passengers started on 21st August. 

Yes, we have commenced operation of the Passenger Riverboat!

Our first fee paying passengers were on board on 21st August following a press weekend launch the previous Sunday. The press launch went well—we had a Central News TV camera, local radio and the local paper and we even attracted national press coverage. We were also pleased to demonstrate the offering to the Chief Exec at Derby City Council, who has been very supportive and was delighted that between us we were delivering a new activity for Derby residents and visitors.

So, it may not be a fully resourced service yet and we may not be able to take disabled passengers yet, but we are on the river, while we work on completing the landline power supply, which has been delayed as part of the Energy challenges the industry are currently facing.

The Council have now installed security gates on the temporary mooring area and we have licenced the boat itself and licenced the first driver and are in the process of adding the other six trained volunteer drivers. We are still looking to recruit additional cabin crew—so feel free to volunteer if you can make coffee and like talking to people – contact info@derbycanal.org.uk.

The planning committee meeting to approve the pontoon is likely to be mid October, so  the likelihood of building it this calendar year has reduced, but we expect it to be ready for the Spring reopening.

Whilst we are currently running only on Sunday afternoons, we have agreed to add additional dates and will be extending the available schedule on the Derby Live – Live Tickets website.


We attended the IWA Festival of Water in Burton over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Whilst it wasn’t as busy as pre pandemic shows it is obviously coming back in popularity. We met a few friends there, signed up a few new members and generally promoted the cause. I am assured that the beer tent was a major attraction, although it ran out of beer on a couple of occasions. We were able to promote the boat and that was very well received.