Draycott Cottages Open Day a great Success!

On the 19th November 2017, the Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust opened up the recently acquired Coop Cottages (formerly the Canal Cottages) to the public for the first time. Visitors were allowed to go view both the interior and exterior of the Cottages (with appropriate PPE!) during a guided tour from Trust Volunteers.

We were also very fortunate to have a number of former residents of the Cottages come along to join us for the day; telling stories and anecdotes from their previous lives based at the Cottages.

Since its acquisition earlier this year, the site has been extensively cleared (all by volunteer efforts) to make it safe and accessible for the major building works expected to start in earnest in the new year. We hope this will be the first of many website posts showing the development progress of the cottages as it continues to progress.

On the day, we had between 250 to 300 visitors to the site; a number well in excess of any of our expectations. We are very encouraged by the interest and hope it will continue well into the new year as we accelerate our progress on the Cottages! Ofcourse; continued support from the public is key to our future success.

A small sample of the photos taken on the day are shown below. A timelapse video of the day is available to view at the beginning of the post, and will be made available onto the main “Draycott” webpage in due course.