We give talks to all sorts of groups who have an interest in what we are doing with the canal and we are always happy to oblige for a small donation to our funds. I wasn’t sure how to react when I was asked to talk to the Over 60s Ladies of Long Eaton though. I did ask whether such a group passes the discrimination tests these days – you can’t be too careful – but they took this in good part and we continued with the talk.

The venue was a primary school and we met in a very cosy After School Club building in the early afternoon. I arrived to see everyone assembled in easy chairs waiting for the fun to start. Just one slight issue – all the walls are covered in drawings. Fortunately the ladies were very helpful and found an old sheet that we were able to rig up as a screen so that we didn’t damage the artwork and we were able to proceed. It is often the way that the group thought we’d given up and didn’t realise just how much is going on behind the scenes. I’m pleased to say that I not only came away with the donation, but also the generous proceeds of a collection in the Society bucket. And the tea and biscuits to finish were tremendous.

A very well spent afternoon!


If you would like someone to come and talk to your group or society about the Derby and Sandiacre Canal restoration please contact us.