Another Bank holiday nearer to the start of Summer saw the Canal Society at two locations this week, both on the Monday, the first was the annual “Lock Thru” at Swarkestone Lock where the Committee and members and friends held the lock to “ransom”, helping the holiday makers make a quick and successful journey thru the lock, once again we have attracted more new members that have shown an interest in our work that we do and on our working parties, and we even made a few sales of our new merchandise.

Due to the amount of people that turned up to help on the day meant that we could also divert a number of the committee members to the local garden centre at Swarkestone, who kindly donated a space just outside of the restaurant for us to set up a stall, selling membership and goods – again more membership and interest shown.

Picture shows our stall and boat entering the lock at Swarkestone.

Swarkestone Lock Thru May 2015