This is a last reminder of the barn dance tonight at the Canal Turn in Spondon kicking off at 7.30pm.
Tickets are £7 and food is available from the pub at £4 ea and ordered when you arrive. We’ve had a reasonable response so far, but as you’ll appreciate a full hall makes for a good fundraising event and we’d welcome your support. Any concerns finding it call me on my mobile below.

We also have our last meeting this year next Tuesday at 8pm at the Wilmot as usual. We’d love to see you there.
The speaker is Anthony Poulton-Smith and the subject is Derbyshire place names so if you’d ever wondered why you live in “Lumb’s Bottom” or on “Hob Hill” this is your chance to find out.

As news and very timely for the Spondon celebration we have news that Celanese will fund the remaining work on the Winding Hole. We now need to suggest a name that reflects its heritage and appreciation of the donation. Ideas gratefully received!

Hope to see you at the events.

Chris Madge