Thanks to the small but reasonably happy band that turned up we made it a successful day at Hayworth Park near Sandiacre on Sunday 12th July. The objective was to get questionnaires and pictures, create awareness of the lock dig that is planned for the Spring next year, and possibly raise some money at the same time!

Anne and Eileen did well getting the kids to paint pictures – we now have a further 15 to add to the 8 from Long Eaton, please feel free to submit more to us on Facebook and Twitter. We also obtained a photo of a young lad (Charlie Huxley, see below) that wanted to take it home to finish it – maybe just as well as it had sea monsters in it!

Thanks to Eddy’s sales technique we gained another 56 questionnaires – we ran out – but also available here, we need your input please. We have also booked Chris in for a talk at the local care home, hopefully they’ll let him out again (we have our doubts about this one). We got a promise of a membership and quite a bit of general interest in the boards. Sales were a bit down, we took £22.20 for the sales and games combined that goes towards our aim to “Dig back to Derby”. It was a small gathering, but that meant people made time to talk and we were within walking distance of our lock.

We also got a few new names from people willing to give us oral histories and particularly some about our own canal and we may get to talk to the man who was paid to fill it in with builders waste, do you have any memories that we could record? If you please contact us!

Overall it hit the mark.

The below shows Charlie Huxley proudly showing his vision of how canals should be!

2015-07-11 18.03.33