Breaston May Day Gala or working party? With the weather that we had to put up with this Bank Holiday Monday you would have thought it was one of my organised working parties!

Overcast to start, the rain started soon after we set up, but it did not stop the crowds turning out to this popular event, it looked like another record breaking day.

Once again we meet lots of current members asking after updates on progress to date, talked to many who will hopefully become members, met with our local MP and sold over £100 of merchandise.

Alas the clouds did open in full around 3pm and with the crowds running away we called it a day.

A major thank-you to Chris the treasurer, David our H&S specialist, Roger the membership sec, David, Keith and John from the working parties that turned up to help getting the tent up but stayed all day – without you all this would not have been such a successful day.


May Day Gala 2016