Spring is upon us, the weather is improving and it’s time for the Breaston Gala on 4th May. The Canal Society will be attending again and things are gearing up for the day. We’ve done a makeover on the information boards, we’ve got some cracking new merchandise to make a splash and we’ve been working on the half size boat that we use to publicise us and transport the marquee and shop. Paul Birtles spent many hours converting the trailer base to a spectacular boat, but the last three years have taken their toll. With Paul now heavily involved in finishing his house rebuild (and trying to keep on the right side of Jackie) the repairs have been undertaken by a relatively new member who’s been involved in the working parties and is a skilled joiner. Lee Rainbow has now rebuilt the roof and we’ve strengthened the structure – potholes have caused a bit of loosening of joints – and we should have completed the paint work by the date of the carnival. We may even black the hull!

So please come and see us there and support the cause!

Sandiacre Lock open day – cold and very wet

The half size boat can be seen in this photo from the Sandiacre Lock Open Day last year – come to Breaston to see it’s new paint job!