Saturday saw the Canal Society go back to University, well for some of them anyway.  This was following on from an invitation to join Chris Packham, well known presenter of the BBC Springwatch program, at the Nature Connections Festival held at Derby University.

A wide and diverse group of people attended, including Walking with Horses, Willow Weaving, Outdoor Cooking Shows and live music, also there in attendance was a local brewery, needless to say, a few words have been exchanged with these gentleman about a possible “brew” with our name on it. More details to follow after more research (It’s a hard life, but if I don’t do it, who will?)

Some sales on the day, including our first Christmas cards of the year, quiet a few interested people spoken to regarding membership to support our environmental aims and several interesting talks to people that may well help us in the near future, along with some brilliant photographs of the original canal that where handed over to us on the day.

A long day, thanks go to Chris and Anne Madge, Paul who organised it all, and Eddy who had to talk to the brewery.

Picture shows, Paul, Anne and Chris, getting the stall set up for the day.

Nature Connections Festival 2015