Notice of the Trust AGM to be held on 16th September 2020

We live in difficult times and in the light of Government advice not to meet in groups we will need to undertake the AGM for the Trust for 2020 online. Last year the AGM took place on 8th July 2019 and we have already delayed this year’s meeting in the forlorn hope that this might not be necessary. Last year’s AGM attracted over 60 attendees, so the Trust has made provision to host that number via a Zoom meeting.

The official notice for the DSCT 2020 AGM, with details of the agenda, can be found here.

Zoom Details

In order to manage the meeting we have set up a Zoom facility.

If you plan to “attend” the meeting:

  • You will need to notify or call 01332 840502 providing an email address.
  • You will receive a link to use on the evening.
  • Papers for the meeting will be posted on our Website at
  • At a few minutes before the meeting click the link on your computer and you will be admitted to the meeting.
  • If you want to speak during the meeting you will find a button called chat and can type in your questions. These will be answered in turn by the directors/trustees.
  • There is also a facility for voting on proposals labelled vote. Simply….
  • If you want to speak indicate on the chat function and you will be called at the appropriate time.