Following the various easing of restriction from the Government, to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, we have looked at the way we are operating our Working Parties, work at the Cottages and on the River Boat.

Although all the main items of our Method Statement, Risk Assessment and Expected Standard  of Behaviour still apply, a couple of items can be updated to ease the way our volunteers can work. Note that a Site Induction form has been created for the Gardening Working Parties.

Travel to site

It is still suggested that when travelling to site, you should limit the number of people that you come in contact with. Walking, cycling or on your own in a car is still the preferred means of travel.

However, as well as volunteers who are living together, volunteers in a social bubble can now travel together. Volunteers not in the same household, can travel with another volunteer provided that they follow the safety routines of all occupants wearing face masks. Gloves and hand sanitizers should also be used and surfaces cleaned if touched by the passenger.

Travel on public transport is now allowed. Volunteers using public transport must by law wear a face mask or covering, unless they are in the group that are exempt. Fines could be made or travel refused if you do not comply. Where possible, travel at off peak times, to limit the number of people you come in contact with. It is also suggested that gloves be worn or hand sanitizer used. Avoid face to face contact with anyone and use contactless payment if possible.

When wearing a face mask, care must be taken when removing the mask to ensure that your hands do not touch your face. Use hand sanitizer or remove your gloves before removing your mask. Wash your hands after removing and disposing of your mask.

Social Distancing

The Government now allows up to 2 household to meet in a single location either public, private, indoors and outside.  Outside up to 6 individuals from different households to meet and they must all Social Distance. This will mean that we can only have a small number of volunteers on a site at one time. If more that 6 volunteers are on site, they will be split into groups to ensure that do not work close to the next group.

Social Distancing has now been reduced to 1m+, but 2m is still preferred. Again, when the 1m+ cannot be achieved face masks should be used.

For more information visit the Government website – – which is updated regularly.

To keep in touch with the Trust and Society, visit our web site or contact us via

We look forward to seeing all volunteers on site soon. But, as previously, if you are in an at risk group or feel that you will not be safe on site we understand and look forward to seeing you when it is safe.

Stay Safe and Save the NHS


David Savidge

H&S Director – DSCT