Dear Members of the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust/Society,

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter.

Keeping up to Date

It seems to be going along for some extended time, talking of the lock-down and the restrictions that this imposes. However, you can keep in touch via many different methods; Email, Facebook and Twitter.

Did you know that we have our own Twitter account for the trip boat? – @DerbyRiverBoat

Also have look at: for all the latest news that includes our efforts to get the boat onto the Derwent as soon as we can. Anne and many others have been busy on the internal work to make this great project a success and promote the water front in Derby.

Working Parties

Talking of lockdown and restrictions, we have still managed to carry out a lot of working parties to help keep a green corridor into  Derby – nature never sleeps and weeds keep growing! However over the last few weeks the heroic team of extreme gardeners have been given a task to clear some serious scrub at Spondon to allow a ground radar unit to come in and identify the actual canal wall. Following on from this David and his intrepid time team dug some test pits and found at least one site with original stonework in place.

Water Voles @ Draycott

We have also been busy at Draycott to keep the banks of the canal clear so that we can locate precisely the location of our little furry friends, the water voles to ensure the safe relocation whilst the dig out goes ahead in the spring of next year. This has produced an additional cost to the dig out, but they are a protected species and need looking after, however, have you ever thought of sponsoring a vole?

It will ensure that we manage to trap them safely, re-house them on a temporary basis and then return them back to the restored canal, it will also allow me as nominated vole master to check them twice a day, you will even be able to name them and we will send you pictures of each one – any offers of assistance would be appreciated at whatever level.


Work is also planned at Sandiacre lock to discover the actual build of the lock, this will involve scaffold for safe working and a full indication of the state of the lock walls and work need to ensure the safe moving of the water pipes to ensure full restoration. Work here is planned for mid-August.

Give as you Live

Lock down has meant that more of us are doing our shopping online, why not register using the Give as you Live site and earn some much needed funds for us, it does not cost you a penny and we will all benefit from the additional funds raised, remember I have some water voles that need looking after!


The request for pledges to dig out Draycott have resulted in a massive response, thank you all , but there is still time to donate – this is going to happen!

The work at the cottages has moved on in leaps and bounds, Don and Derek have nearly finished the “Great Wall of Draycott”, behind the cottages, having once visited the actual Great Wall I can see certain similarities!

Eddy – Chairman

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