Topping Out Ceremony at Draycott

After many months of hard work at the Draycott cottages, the working party got an opportunity for a little celebration on a cold and frosty February morning.

On the 3rd February 2019, the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust had a small ceremony to mark the completion of the roofs of the Draycott Cottages. With the roof stucture rebuilt, work can now continue on the interior of the property, bring us one step closer to finishing the cottages this year!

After a few group photographs, the working party climbed the scaffolding to share some cake and cava, performing a small “topping out” ceremony by pouring some of the cava onto the roof slats (all in the guise of testing the new guttering!)

With the roofwork complete, the scaffolding can come down (and will come down over the coming week, in parallel with the Sandiacre Lock Dig Out this week). There’s a small sample of the photographs taken on the day, below.

If you’re interesting in getting involved at this exciting stage, there’s plenty to get involved with. Check out the Calendar and come along to one of our working parties or other events!