Final Reminder

This is a final reminder that Lock Lane will be subject to severe access limitations with effect from next Monday. Heavy plant will be delivered to the canal line site at 8am on Monday 4th February 2019. Once the site has been set up excavation of spoil will commence and trucks will use Lock Lane to transport the spoil.

It is crucial that Lock Lane between the A52 and the Derby canal bridge is clear of parked cars as there is no room for the large trucks to pass safely. Please note that empty trucks will need to back down the Lane as there is no turning space near the site. We are sorry that this will require the noise of the reversing alarm, which is a legal requirement.

We have allowed a full week to complete this work, but will press to finish early if at all possible.

The spoil will be loaded into trucks on Lock Lane bridge and transported north along Lock Lane between 8am and 4.30 pm each working day. DSCT will have banksmen on site at all times and will be responsible for ensuring safety of vehicle movements along Lock Lane However, access to residents’ properties will be controlled by DSCT volunteers and therefore should still be open between truck movements.

Access over Lock Lane Bridge will not be possible during working hours, but we will provide a temporary area for parking under the A52 on Lock Lane. There will be a full-time road sweeper on site for the duration of the works to keep the road as clean as possible at all times during the works.

We are required to erect a palisade fence to make the area safe for the public. The footpath will remain open and managed by DSCT volunteers to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

If you have any issues feel free to contact us on: 07827 946444

What are we planning for Sandiacre Lock?

  • An excavated lock chamber with access ramp to the east of the chamber (upstream). This will require the careful removal of contaminated spoil by a specialist contractor in accordance with the method statement already agreed with your contaminated land officer.
  • Repair of the chamber by volunteers, including the nationally recognised Waterways Recovery Group (of the Inland Waterways Association) volunteers. The extent of the repairs will of course depend on the damage we find, but we assume from our early survey of the top stones in the lock that this will be substantial. The result will be a structure resembling the one we are in the final stages of restoring at Borrowash.
  • Fencing of the lock chamber to ensure public safety. We plan to provide a 2m high fence with vision panels secured on substantial 100mm square timber posts. At the access point we will provide a lockable gate and access ramp/steps for the public to view the structure on guided walks.
  • Working with Heritage Lottery Fund we plan to provide interpretation information and personal and electronic tours for all members of the public including local school children. We will also visit schools and public groups to explain the heritage of the Derby Canal.
  • We will restore and enhance the canal path itself in preparation for the extension of the canal to Cockayne’s Bridge and beyond. At present there has been local random encroachment onto the open space, with fly tipping common. The previous maintenance plan simply mowed around the MOT path and allowed the trees to grow unchecked and the original hedge to grow out. We will systematically clean the 15m wide area by removing fly tipped debris, mow the grass and restore the hedgerows as a natural border with residents on both sides of the path. We will also look to feature the remains of the Boat Inn that remains along the path, but is currently obscured by hedge growth. Most of this will be achieved by volunteer labour as we already have trained hedge and tree workers within our volunteer group. We are also registered as an academy for Derby College (Broomfield) and this will provide a training opportunity for students. We plan to start with the stretch to Cockaynes Bridge and then progressively work towards Bostocks Lane (as seasonal restrictions allow).
  • We will maintain the area each year with our volunteers picking up litter, mowing and trimming hedges and trees as necessary.