The Society has never normally worked in August, apart from the behind the scenes stuff that goes on through-out the year, but this year with so much work that needs doing we decided to carry on regardless.

The Winding Hole at Spondon has now been semi cleared of building debris, the new owners have re-named it The Canal Turn and the pub is once again back in business.  However, a lot of work that the Society had done on this site was lost so this week we turned up in force to clear the scrub that has taken over and have a proper look at the retaining walls and basin.

Balsam bashing in big style! Litter picking that produced over 6 bags of rubbish, plus one well known brand of shopping trolley have been removed from the site. Things are looking better, more work to do in two weeks time, we plan to get some water back in and maintain the area prior to full restoration.

More helpers are needed as the work coming through is getting more intense and interesting along the full length of the restoration project, so please visit our  and come and help us.

Picture shows to some extent the work involved, with just the first sight of the brickwork showing through.

2015-08-02 13.04.25