Tree Management along the Canal route

The Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust now owns, or is responsible for the maintenance of, large tracks of the route of the Derby Canal. There are large numbers of trees along the route, and as trees become diseased or reach the end of their life span they must be managed to avoid becoming a safety hazard to the users of these routes. Volunteers of DSCT have been out in small teams over the last few weeks, braving the elements, to ensure that the paths remain open and clear, and as necessary remove any dangerous trees to avoid risk to the general public. When the use of our experienced volunteers is not prudent (in case of particularly large or complex trees), professionals are brought it as the Trust’s expense to perform the tree felling.

The photographs below are a stark reminder of the dangers of old trees; see that the cores are almost completed rotted through, and hence there is little remaining strength left in the wood. Whilst some of the tree management activities performed may seem invasive; they are a necessary part of maintaining safe open spaces for everyone to use.

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