The WRGies* are back at Borrowash!

Following restrictions in 2020 due to Covid-19 there was a noticeable absence of the WRGies support, thankfully from 1st August to 7th August they are back with a vengeance, continuing their previous activities at Borrowash Bottom Lock in Support of the DSCT.

Colin, the IWA/WRG team leader, has been digging around the weir stonework below the lock, to find the side stonewalls on the north side and widen the ‘ditch’ to the Ock brook (to save us breaking ankles when working in the ‘ditch’!). Scaffolding is up and working is continuing around the lock itself too.

Some restrictions remain in place for the volunteers, who are continuing to work in a bubble. However there is plenty to do around the site and volunteers are welcome to lend a hand, and supporters welcome to bring a smile and a kind word! if you do see them this week, please give them thanks for their support!

*** A few more pictures will be added to this post as the week progresses, a sample so far is shown below.***

*Inland Waterways Association Waterways Recovery Group!