Work started this Friday on the battle to contain and eradicate the Japanese Knotweed that the Society had been notified about late last year on our site at Draycott.To use it’s correct name, Fallopia japoica varjaponica, is a bit long winded so we refer to it as “JK”. Introduced into the United Kingdom in the mid-nineteenth century it has spread across the UK and is beginning to cause various problems that include invading wild life habitat and even cause structural damage.

Our working party co-coordinator, Eddy, has undertaken various training courses to obtain all licences required to spray the pesticides needed to control this pest, and will be also attending a course to enable him to apply pesticides nearer water later this year. More work will be needed through the Summer months and possibly again next year depending on how the plants react to treatment.

All details of the societies work and plans can be found on our site, with updates on our Facebook page and Twitter.

Picture shows the Knotweed before treatment.

Japanese Knotweed 2015