We have today visited both of the Coop Food stores in Spondon to be formally presented with a cheque for £3187.97 this is a magnificent result and down to Coop Members choosing the Trust as their nominated charity. Our thanks go to all those Coop members.

The fund is to be used for the purchase additional equipment to assist with the maintenance and restoration of the canal route. Roughly half will be spent on a tipping trailer to use with the recently acquired tractor, with this essentially being the aim of the application. Careful consideration will be given to what to acquire with the balance.

For the coming year we are now a nominated charity for the Breaston store. If you are a Coop Member and your post code is within 15 miles of that store you can nominate the Trust again but you can shop in the Coop store of your choice. Click the link here to select our current appeal.

Pictured are Chris Rees-Fitzpatrick (Treasurer) and Eddy Case (Society Chairman) and Claire from the Chapel Street store and Kelly from Sitwell Street store. David Savidge (Society Vice-Chairman) also attended and took the photographs. Although two cheques were photographed we have only received the money once.