A cracking Sunday morning saw the team this week at Sandiacre , a cold start, but the sun soon came out and warmed us up us as we started work clearing the grass sides to both sides of  the canal path, clearing the litter that had been dropped over the winter also cutting back any over-hanging growth that would hinder the many walkers/cyclists and horse riders that use this wonderful green pathway running from the Erewash Canal up to the road near the Bridge Inn.

A large tree that appeared to have partially fallen over and was in danger of blocking the main path half way up from the bottom Lock has now been cleared, over hanging branches have been cleared along  the entire bottom stretch and the path now looks a lot clearer and tidier.

A lot of the material that has been thrown over various residential fences could not be cleared due to the unknown contents, this will be reported to the local authority to follow up on.

Picture shows some of the members and helpers clearing ground on the Sandiacre stretch.

The details of our next working party are listed at: https://derbycanal.org.uk/diary/