H&S Statement on Corona Virus (Covid-19)

With the increasing changes, risks and the Government Guidelines regarding the Corona Virus (Covid-19) in Great Britain, the Trust has made various decision designed to protect our members and volunteers.

As the majority of our members and volunteers fall into the ‘at risk’ group either from age or current health issues, we should look at all our activities to ensure that none of our members and volunteers are put in harms way.

We have therefore taken that decision that all meetings for both the Trust and Society will be cancelled to at least to the end of May 2020 or until the Government advises that it is safe to do so. This will take effect from Saturday 21st March 2020. This will also affect the launch of the trip boat which will be put on hold.

Meetings of the Trust, Development Group and Society Committee will be held by either conference calls, by phone or computer, or by email. These will be to monitor the progress of the virus and the running of the various projects of the canal restoration.

Currently, we have decided to continue with working parties on both the cottages and ‘gardening’ projects. Work is required at the cottages to ensure that elements are completed to allow other contractors to carry out their work. The Government current guideline suggest that out door activities are beneficial to personal well-being and health. This will be reviewed as required.

Volunteers who attend the working parties will do so at their own risk and be asked to sign a form to agree that they want to work. We will also be reintroducing, and insisting, that all volunteers sign in on an attendance sheet for every site visit. This to ensure that there is a contact list available, if there is a problem. Working parties not authorised by a board director will not be allowed.

Volunteers on any site must carry out a suitable hygiene routine, use sanitizer, wear gloves at all times and stand a suitable distance from each other (2m recommended by the Government).  Anyone feeling unwell will not be allowed to assist. Any volunteer attending a site must also be aware of the general public who may be passing close to the site.

We are aware that a lot of our current working parties are an important social feature, allowing the volunteers to enjoy the open air and help in the restoration of the canal. We  therefore need to ensure that volunteers are safe and that after the problem is over we have a team of enthusiastic volunteers to continue the restoration.

To keep in touch with the Trust and Society, visit our web site www.derbycanal.org.uk or contact us via info@derbycanal.org.uk.

Thank you for your continued support and we all look forward to getting back to normal.

David Savidge          

H&S Director – Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust

Date – 19/03/2020