DSCT – Gardening Working Parties Return

Hi, All.

Hope you are all keeping well and safe in these funny times. I know that quite a few of you are eager to return to our Gardening Working Parties.

At a recent Trust Board meeting, we discussed if we could allow our volunteers to return back to the Gardening Working Parties. It was pointed out that CRT and a couple of other local canal restoration groups have already returned to organizing working parties. It was also pointed out the this was an outdoor activity with volunteers ‘working’. The working parties also help with every ones wellbeing. The Board agreed, that providing we conform to the restrictions below, we could return to work.

The restrictions will be –

1) Teams will be limited to a max of 6 volunteers. If more than 6 volunteers come to site, the site will be split into two areas, possibly working at each end of the site.

2) Ensuring that hand sanitizing is carried out. Volunteers are to bring their own tools, were possible, and any tools shared are to be sanitized both before and after they are used.

3) Volunteers are to keep 2m away from any other volunteer. If this is not possible, face masks to be used.

4) Face masks are to be worn when talking to a member of the general public.

We have had a trial run at Draycott, which worked well with these restrictions.

Work will also continue at the cottages on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with the current work force. Work will be limited to the internal finish and brickwork to the toilet block. So, for the moment, please do not come to the cottages unless you have been asked to assist.

Look forward to seeing you, as things get better, and as is now becoming the norm ‘Keep Safe’.


David Savidge

H&S Director – DSCT