Working Party Update 2nd August 2015

The Society has never normally worked in August, apart from the behind the scenes stuff that goes on through-out the year, but this year with so much work that needs doing we decided to carry on regardless. The Winding Hole at Spondon has now been semi cleared of building debris, the new owners have re-named [...]

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Working Party Update 5th July 2015

Two weeks away and still lots of work being done on the canal and at various shows and events. This week we attended Draycott to clear the foot-path of overgrowth that was restricting access to the route that runs under Derby Road, we also cleared more brambles from the edge of the main road. June [...]

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Working Party Update 31st May 2015

Wet and windy, not the ideal day to be in the bottom of a lock on a Sunday morning, but that is exactly where the hardy helpers of the canal society found themselves this Sunday at Borrowash.  Our first problem was to navigate a way in through the vegetation , and a very active wasps [...]

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The Japanese Knotweed Solution!

Work started this Friday on the battle to contain and eradicate the Japanese Knotweed that the Society had been notified about late last year on our site at Draycott.To use it's correct name, Fallopia japoica varjaponica, is a bit long winded so we refer to it as “JK”. Introduced into the United Kingdom in the [...]

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Working Party Update 10th May 2015

Following on from the wonderful success at the Breaston Carnival on Bank Holiday Monday when we attracted 20 new members to the Society, and also saw record takings from our merchandise. This Sunday we had two working parties in action, one at Draycott that finished the safety work on the footpath that runs under the [...]

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Working Party Update 26th April 2015

Oh what a beautiful morning. The sun is shining and lots of people are out working hard on a Sunday morning – no not the marathon – it’s the canal working party again. It’s often the way when the boss is away that he makes sure there’s plenty to do for those left and particularly [...]

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Working Party Reminder! 26th April 2015!

Our working party activity has progressed well. A large fanfare is due as we have now completed the hedgelaying at Draycott. Feel free to visit and admire it! The signs are back up and we are now completing some improvements to the fence along the underpass under Derby Road, which will be funded by the [...]

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Draycott Working Party Update 12th April 2015

The Derby and Sandiacre Canal Societies working parties resumed this week after the long Easter break, for one final time this year we attended Draycott to finish the final few meters of hedge laying, after checking that nothing was nesting in the few trees left we had to lay. The Society also cleared a large [...]

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Borrowash Bottom Lock Progress

Here are the before and after photos of the hedge laying at Borrowash Bottom Lock by a group of locals who work in conjunction with the Derby Sandiacre Canal Trust. Steve, Ian and Huw are shown in the "after" image and are out every weekend whether rain or shine! Before After [...]

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