The first working party of the new year brought us a sharp frosty start, 12 volunteers turned out to brave the weather, but as the morning progressed the sun came out and shone on us.

This weeks aims where to continue the good work on hedge laying from both sides, the two teams are getting nearer to each other cutting and clearing as they went, hopefully we can complete this work before the birds start nesting in the Spring.

A third team worked on widening and strengthening the access bridge over one of the water culverts that assist with drainage from the adjacent fields. This work was required to allow a more heavy duty tractor to cross to undertake periodic grass cutting.

Access Bridge Draycott 1Access Bridge Draycott 2

It was pleasing to see how much use the local population of Draycott use this walk way, with lots of local interest being shown.

Addition help with this project is always welcome, we generally meet every other Sunday however our next work party is on 2nd February, please see our work party diary.