Introduction to the problem of Plastic in Rivers

As most people are now aware, we have the growing problem of plastics in our environment. In Derby, the River Derwent flows through the city and carries within it all sorts of plastics that eventually will reach the seas and oceans. Most of it we would struggle to see with the naked eye!

Professor Michael Sweet (Associate Professor in Aquatic Biology, University of Derby) agreed to provide an interview to Derby & Sandiacre Canal Trust (DSCT), to provide use with some information on the topic.

Answers include:

  • What are microfibres?
  • What are microplastics?
  • What kind of plastics do we find in the River Derwent right now?
  • What can you do to help?
  • What technologies are being considered to help?

We at the DSCT feel very strongly about protecting the environment for everyone, so we hope you find this video informative.