Riverboat releases extra availability for Cruises

We have finally achieved connection to the grid to allow topping up of power to the Riverboat. With shorter days and extra trips planned this has been critical.

We also now have the necessary volunteers licenced and trained to operate a bigger schedule. We have three drivers already licenced with another three awaiting licensing and a good number of volunteers for cabin crew.  Thank you to all the volunteers who have come forward.

So with that success we have opened up availability to the end of the season. Tickets are available online at  https://www.livetickets.org/whats-on/derby-river-boat-trips/  every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons until the end of October.

And we also have sponsorship from Ecotricity – the green suppliers of our top up power. They have provided crew shirts and driver fleeces, and also made available extra shirts for sale to adult and child passengers. You can see the shirts modelled by our volunteer crew.

Cottages Museum

We are indebted to the generosity from a long time member from Canada, who has donated a large sum to fund the completion work on the museum room. We have now commissioned a welder to restore the damaged cooking range and fireplace found during the restoration ready to be displayed and we are gathering all the info for the story of the mill, the cottages and the restoration to be set up.

Members Meeting

Our next members meetings will be held at the Draycott Cottages, First Floor

Tues 27th Sept         7.30pm        Brian Dale               Railway Accidents and how to avoid them

Tues 25th Oct          7.30pm         Dave Savidge           Waterway Recovery work camps at Derby

Tues 22nd Nov         7.30pm        Barry Watson           The Agony and Ecstasy of a Canal Hotel Boater

Interested in becoming a member?