Dear Members of the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Society,

Welcome to the latest edition of the newsletter.

With thanks to the Woodland Trust we have started to plant over 400 new trees and bushes around the Borrowash stretch, this is within our aim of replacing more than we ever remove. The young trees will be protected from wildlife with special sleeves and they will all be staked to ensure good growth over the next few years.


Picture on the left shows some of the work that has been done so far with a double line of holly marked out, waiting for the protective covers to go on.

We are also starting talks with the Borrowash in Bloom team to see if we can work together to assist with their aims.

As one of the working party members said to me “a tree is for life, not just Christmas.”

Work continues every Wednesday at Borrowash throughout the winter.

We did hope to start work in the Spondon area in November, once we got the all clear on land ownership, but this is still going through the slow process of transfer, expected very soon.


Planning applications have been submitted to the local authority regarding the dig out at Draycott and indeed the cottages as I mentioned in the last newsletter, no updates as yet, but you will be one of the first to hear when it comes through.

Picture on the left showing work being done on the canal walls at Borrowash, just past the bottom lock towards Station Road.

Please also remember there is still chance to pledge a gift for someone at Christmas, we are only £6,000 short of our target, it would be nice to get there this year.

Pledge details available on line here


The Co-Op at Sandiacre presented David and myself with a cheque for £3,499 at the end of November. This is an identical scheme to the fund raising done by the Borrowash Co-Op, all funds are going to help secure more efficient methods of clearing and maintaining ground that we now, and shortly will, own.

Our next offer from the Co-Op is from the Spondon store, so do you live within 15 miles of Spondon? Do you have a blue Co-Op Group membership card? If you can answer yes to both of these then please sign in to your Co-Op membership and chose the Derby and Sandiacre Canal Trust appeal as your chosen charity.

Please note this will initially only offer you a choice of appeals within 5 miles of your home address, however, scroll to the bottom of the page and expand this to 15 miles and hopefully you will be in range of our appeal. If you do not have a blue Co-Op card but you shop with them, please pick up a card in store and support us or see But if you live further than 15 miles away perhaps you may have a family member that could sign up?

Reminder – Social Invite at a special price for members.

Heroes & Adventures!

Saturday 26th January 2019 – 6.00pm

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Tickets usually cost £17/£12 (under 18) at the front of the 2nd tier.  As a member of the orchestra, I can get them for £12/£6 (under 18).  To reserve your tickets, please email Sarah at with details of the tickets you require.

We wish you all a very Happy Seasons Greetings from Linda and myself and we wish you all the best for 2019.

Eddy – Chair