The Trust has recently received a donation from the DHL UK Foundation; to whom we express our thanks.

Our regular volunteer Eddy Case, who works for DHL, was able to submit an application under the DHL “Match It! programme” to request a donation based on the number of hours he had volunteered during 2013.

Eddy Case

This has led us to consider whether other companies offer similar programmes for employees and/or pensioners and having identified three so far we are appealing to members to let us know if their employer or pension provider offer any similar schemes.

Those we have identified so far are:

Barclays (current employees) – match funding for fundraising activities and/or time off or grants for volunteering;

Barclays (pensioners) – match funding for fundraising activities;

DHL (current employees) – match funding for fundraising activities and/or grants for volunteering;

First Group (current employees) – grant for charities and community organisations undertaking projects in the fields of youth, the environment and health in the UK (the staff member merely has to support the application.

If you know of other organisations that offer support, or indeed qualify through one of the above please contact our Treasurer Chris ReesFitzPatrick.