Wednesday , 20 September 2017
Wow .. Look What's Happening...


We have a programme of training volunteers where this will benefit the Trust.

We currently have members that are trained to:

  • Use chainsaws (only members with an approved training certification are insured to use chainsaws on Trust working parties);
  • Lay hedges in the Derbyshire heritage style;
  • Dumper driving (up to 6 tonnes rigid);
  • Digger driving (up to 5 tonnes);
  • Scaffold erection.

We would look to train any member in skills that has a benefit to the Trust, where the cost of training can be justified. We would usually seek to obtain a grant to contribute towards training costs. In some circumstances the member may be asked to contribute part of the training cost for example chainsaw operators have personally purchased appropriate safety trousers and helmets.

If you are interested please contact our working party group.

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