Wednesday , 20 September 2017
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Starting to “Dig back to Derby”

This week the society started the work to dig out the canal lock situated at the end of the canal route that will be joining with the Erewash Canal. The initial work involved a small team of volunteers helping a specialist firm obtain the necessary soil samples that need to be taken for independent checking by another independent analyst.
Soil samples have been taken at various levels and the results are expected shortly, once we have these results we will then be able to work out our costs accurately and then strive to raise much needed funds for this work.
This will then mean that the Society and Trust can then proceed to commence excavation of the lock in early Spring next year and allow us to make any necessary repairs and complete an archaeological dig out of the lower levels.
We have spoken to many of the local residents who have passed on valuable information regarding how the canal lock was initially filled in and what other work has been undertaken over the years and spent many hours talking to the vast amount of people who walk this route on a daily basis, many of which have since become members to support us.
Full details of any update are available on our web site, along with details how you can join us to help on this project.
Picture shows the team at work with the excavation of soil and the subsequent in-filling to ensure public safety.
Digging back to Derby - Sandiacre December 2015

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  1. How old is this information regarding the “dig back to Derby” ? as it mentions spring next near,

    • You are quite right that the article was dated late in 2015. Sorry we haven’t updated it, the focus has been ion a comprehensive update in the Packet. This is being distributed over the weekend, so if you are already a member you’ll get a complete low down on progress very shortly. (If not feel free to join us – the form is on this website!).

      In brief we have made progress and taken samples of the spoil and are now in the process of costing the disposal to meet safety standards. We await some detailed advice from our pro bono consultants on how to proceed, then we’ll be able to complete the planning conditions and send off the HLF bid that awaits final costings. We are still planning for the work this year although by the time the above is completed we will be in late spring/summer I suspect.

      Thank you for your interest. We feel really encouraged on so many fronts at the moment that any help that you or others can make will accelerate the works at that critical stage. Any comments (hopefully constructive) are of course welcomed.

      Chris Madge

  2. While I was out running on the canal path between Spondon’ BM Bargins ex BQ and Station Road, Borrowash
    I noticed a lot of temporary fencing had fallen on the path.
    Do you know who it belongs to.
    Cheers Phil

    • Thanks for the info Phil, I will pass this onto our working party group.

      Emma Keeling
      DSCS – Web & Social Media Guru

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