Wednesday , 20 September 2017
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Restoration Plan

The Trust’s Development Committee are working on plans to see the canal restored to a fully navigable route with an associated multi-user towpath to enable access to all. As part of this work a submission has been made to have the canal route included in the Derbyshire County Council’s strategic infrastructure plan. This submission details the reasons and benefits for restoration and the high level costs of restorations and potential funding sources.

A copy of the Trust’s submission can be downloaded (file size is approx 5MB).

Submission Document

Further details will be added in due course.

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  1. I live next to the clock garage on Nottingham rd and would over look the spondon section of the canal. I would like to know when you would get upto opening this section and would there be any flood concerns. I hope someone can email me.
    regards Debbie

    • Chris Reesfitzpatrick

      The Trust has no immediate plans or a timetable to restore the Spondon section of the canal. However we are in discussions with a house builder with regard to them incorporating a section of canal bed within their site design to initially act as there surface water drainage holding tank. The holding tank would collect water at times of heavy rain before allowing it to slowly discharge to the river Derwent. This housing scheme is yet to be placed before the planning authority. If approved and once developed the Trust will then look to opportunities to extend this stretch of canal bed.

      As a general rule canals do not cause flooding as their stepped design takes water way. If you consider that the Derby Canal will have to use pumps to lift water to its highest point, which will be the stretch through Spondon, with water then flowing downhill towards Sandiacre it is extremely unlikely that the canal would lead to any flooding concerns.

      If your property then backs on to a restored canal you should see a rise in its value.

  2. Have you any information about the link road bridge that is crossing the Swarkestone end of the canal. I know that the road is going over the canal or as I have seen through the canal, I have also heard that the promised bridge is not going to be built now. If this is true I am appalled at this desission but not surprised.

    • The Trust has been in long discussions with Derby City Council re the Infinity Technology Park access road that crosses the canal line at Chellaston. Given that the Trust does not yet have funding for the canal restoration it was too much to hope that DCC would construct the bridge at this time. However their planning consent does include full design of the bridge, to the Trust’s specifications, together with the design of a temporary access road to accommodate traffic when the bridge is eventually constructed. The Trust has a strong letter of support from DCC that once the Trust has funding to construct the canal from a junction with the Trent and Mersey at Swarkestone through to Sinfin Moor Lane DCC will seek funding to construct the bridge. In effect DCC are gambling that at the time the bridge is actually needed there will be better economic times and less pressure on the public purse.

  3. Richard and Loraine Moody

    Would be interested in keeping up to date with restoration plans, and offering help if in the area. We have a boat moored at Mercia Marina since September last year, but live in the North East at Hartlepool. I have recently retired, so have more time available now ( retired NHS GP I’m afraid, not engineering ).
    Richard and Loraine Moody

    • We’d love your input in whatever way you can offer it. Membership helps us to swell the coffers and demonstrate backing from the public, Sunday working parties or fourth Tuesday meetings and attending fairs, etc. may fit in with your availability in the area and you’d be most welcome to join the other passionate amateurs. You might prefer to act as a proof reader on the applications produced by the group – most of us are very close to the project and sometimes an independent mind can make a huge difference.

      Our website tries to keep information on various types of gathering up to date and contact numbers are available if you wanted to check before arriving.

      Thanks for your interest

      Chris Madge

  4. I heard on the Radio Derby news recently that one of the proposed tram link routes between Nottingham and Derby might be along the old Derby Sandiacre Canal, would this still allow for the possible restoration of the canal in the future ?

    • I’m afraid that this isn’t the first time that this has been suggested, but as before there’s never enough detail on which to base a challenge or even to understand the proposal. When this was first mooted last year we contacted various bodies that should know what was going on and ended up none the wiser. Originally this was put forward as part of the devolution agenda, which would see Notts and Derbys as a combined authority. Unsurprisingly this has not made progress as a lot of fundamental questions about the combination cannot be agreed. If this project is taken up it would therefore now be driven by individual local authorities with the aim of getting better transport to Derby. What isn’t clear is whether the voting public would agree with the investment of up to a billion pounds to duplicate the existing rail and bus links. We do know that the critical authority in Erewash is not supporting this as it would disturb village life in the Breaston and Draycott areas.
      In the mean time we are devoting our efforts to getting a stretch in water, especially along the east west line, which will hamper any proposed tram development on our line.
      Of course we’d be happy to talk about the authorities building our canal alongside the tram line!

      Chris Madge

  5. Just a quick message to inform that I’m pleased that I have just joined the trust along with a membership for my partner. We live in Borrowash, the Borrowash lock is just over our rear fence. I’ve not long learned about the working groups which has prompted my visit to the website, In turn prompting us to join. I hope to get actively involved with the work groups and trust to support the development plans

    • Hi Ant,

      Great news! We look forward to welcoming you to our working party and social meetings.


      DSCS Web & Social Media Guru

  6. Just a quick message regarding something that has been doing the rounds on Facebook. I am unsure whether anyone here is aware of this or how trustworthy the document is but a document has been circulating regarding the future tram developments along the old canal route from Sandiacre to Derby. Here is a link to the document:,_Appendix_2_-_NET_Extensions_Report.pdf

    Page 24 is where it discusses the old canal route taking particular detail to the section of path from the Bridge Inn pub back down to the lock.

    Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated as i live in the new houses built on Waterside Close and obviously this not a good thing if likely to happen

    • Thank you for providing the link the tram route options document. Previously we have responded to questions that the discussion concerning the tram extension were a matter of rumour until definitive documentation of the route options was available. We are now in a position to review the document and discuss a formal response with Erewash Borough Council and Derby City Council who have nominated representatives on the board of The Derby And Sandiacre Canal Trust at its scheduled board meeting later this month.


      Chris Madge

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