Monday , 21 August 2017
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  • Mr Paul Horton-Turner
  • Mr Steve Jeffery
  • Mr Chris Madge
  • Mr Rob Hartley
  • Mrs Val Clare
  • Miss Jessica Lee
  • Mr Wayne Major
  • Mr C ReesFitzPatrick (wef 16 January 2014)


  • Derby City Council: Mr Greg Jennings and Cllr. Mark Tittley
  • Derbyshire County Council: Cllr. Michelle Booth
  • South Derbyshire District Council: Cllr Michael Stanton
  • Erewash Borough Council: Cllr. Geoffrey Smith and Cllr. Gary Dinsdale
  • Inland Waterways Association: Mr John Baylis MBE. and Mr Michael Snaith


  • Mrs. Claudia Jeffery; Secretary
  • Mr. Chris ReesFitzPatrick; Treasurer


22- 26 Nottingham Road Stapleford Nottingham NG9 8AA


Smith Cooper LLP Chartered Accountants 2 Lace Market Square Nottingham NG1 1PB

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  1. Mr G Hirst (1800)

    Just walked on the canal path behind the Chellaston Medical Centre and Balfour Beaty staff are re erecting the fencing.

    • Chris Reesfitzpatrick

      Thank you for the update. The Trust is aware that this work has commenced. Discussions with Derby City Council are on-going.

  2. Paul Strickland

    I’ve recently had a look at the Swarkestone end of the canal route and I’m interested in how the canal is going to pass both the A50 and the Infinity Park road?

    The fencing is still in situ (yet you can walk along Sinfin Moor Lane and across the new road with no closures), I took a peek to see what exactly they had done behind the Chellaston Medical Centre. A member of Balfour Beaty staff had told me that they had put in a new bridge for the canal, even showed me a photo. However, this was actually the Cuttle Brook bridge. I did notice that an earth bank had been placed on the Derby side of the crossing next to the footpath where the canal was.

    • Paul,

      Thanks for your concern, which has been shared with many others during the past year or so.

      The A50 was built without provision for the restoration of the canal despite our protests at the time. Members of the Trust were upset at that time as the level of the road prevents passage on the old levels and line. Since then we have worked to find an alternative. We are now planning to join the Trent and Mersey below Swarkestone Lock and run through parallel to the old line and through the existing culvert under the A50. This will also avoid the old embankment section which leaked badly throughout its life.

      The story of the Infinity Park access road bridge is one of accepting a compromise with the city council – albeit grudgingly. We faced the choice of trying to stand out against the bridge and insisting the line was kept or reaching the best compromise available. Given the advice that we would need substantial funds to fight our corner with a small chance of success we negotiated a compromise which you can see on the website in the form of the written undertaking by DCC’s Chief Executive to build a new bridge when we had funding to build the canal beyond the crossing. Whilst this is not a guarantee it was in our view the best realistic alternative. Since that time we have been able to make very positive steps on the project as a whole with the Council, which we believe will ultimately lead to the success of the project and therefore the rebuilding of the bridge to a design already agreed. Incidentally the lower level described above will assist this by lowering the height of the replacement bridge to acceptable levels for the local residents.

      We would obviously have preferred to be in a different position on both issues above.

      Given your interest you may be interested to know that we will be attending the Spirit of Chellaston Fair next month and would be delighted to expand on the answer above in person. Alternatively please feel free to attend any of our monthly meetings for a chat or update. If you are not already a supporter/member please consider joining us as the more interested and passionate people we have supporting us the sooner we achieve our objectives.

      Chris Madge

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