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The Society Committee comprises:

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Chris Madge Chairman 07827 946444
Eddy Case Vice Chairman & Volunteer Co-ordinator  07523 896645
Chris ReesFitzPatrick Treasurer 07757 979271
Anne Madge Secretary
Roger Ashmead Membership 07814 927154
Doug Flack Editor 07752 283730
Eileen Holland Social Meetings

If you wish to contact us please feel free to do so.

Membership forms can be posted to our membership secretary Mr R Ashmead at 172 Sancroft Road, Spondon, Derby DE21 7LD.

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  1. Hello

    Last weekend I repeated a walk that I first did in 2004 – a) from Sandiacre Lock to B & Q at Spondon and b) from London Road, Derby to Swarkestone. I was very disappointed to see no sign whatsoever of any restoration work – in fact, I thought that the route of the canal was far more badly overgrown than it was 9 years ago. Restoration looks an extremely difficult task – are there any realistic plans to achieve this? As it was closed only as recently as 1964 why has it been obliterated so comprehensively? Why was it deemed necessary to fill it in almost completely? I managed to walk the Derby Canal, Trent & Mersey, River Trent and Erewash Canal ring in 2 days (30.5 miles including walking to the centre of Derby and back) and it would be good one day to repeat this circuit on a narrowboat!

    It would be great to hear some positive news.


    Graham Alder
    Huddersfield Canal Society member for more than 30 years

    • Chris Reesfitzpatrick


      Thank you for your comment. The Derby Canal was retained in private ownership when most canals were nationalised so it never became a statutory navigation. When the M1 was built crossing the canal an agreement was made between the canal’s owner and the local authorities to sever the route and fill the canal in. Fortunately much of the route has been preserved and is in the ownership of the local authorities, Sustrans or our Trust.

      There has been significant progress towards restoration. Towards the end of 2011 the three local authorities granted outline planning approval for the complete restoration.

      Then comes the question of funding, just last week we met with the Heritage Lottery Fund and cleared the first hurdle by being invited to formally apply for funding to commence restoration at Sandiacre (You may be aware that the HLF process is a long one).

      There are a number of other activities happening at the Swarkestone end that could lead to restoration commencing there as well so please keep viewing our web site as we will publish details once we are able to.

      If you would like to become a member there is an application form on the site, then you will receive our regular newsletter and monthly email.

      Restoration is a reality and there will be a navigable ring through Derby in say 15 years.

      Thanks for your interest.

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